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Upcoming Events and Activities

We hope you'll join us for an amazing year of fun events and activities! Here's a list of what's coming your way.

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We're B2 Outlet Stores Non-profit of the month!
Shop at the B2 store ALL MONTH LONG and choose round up your receipt. Choose LOVE THY NEIGHBOR as your preferred non-profit. 


B2 Outlet Store - Traverse City, MI
(Next to Plato's Closet in the Cherryland Center)

S. Airport and Garfield Roads

We are a little non-profit making a BIG difference in our community.


Love Thy Neighbor seeks to make caring connections to promote life changes to transform the lives of families and individuals with the love of Jesus.


Our Bridge Ministries help meet financial needs during times of crisis. • Our Life Skills Classes share practical skills and useful information for enhancing family life.


• Our Change Partnership is a one-on-one mentorship program concentrating on life changes.


• Our Connections Specialists make local referrals based on an assessment and needs identified.


Love Thy Neighbor offers hope and a helping hand to families experiencing an emergency, and in the midst of the crisis, may not be able to see the big picture. We are there because we understand that immediate assistance is the first step to changing the trajectory of the crisis and of their lives. Once they walk through our door, they become part of our family.


We are dedicated to serving the less fortunate in our community, providing emotional and spiritual support while encouraging personal transformation.


We strive to make our community stronger by offering new pathways to our Neighbors in Need.

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