Through the years, we've helped thousands of individuals and families with various needs.  We love hearing from the people we've served. We call them "Love Stories". 

If you have a love story to share about how we've served you or someone you know, please email us at office@lovethyneighborgt.org. 

Stephanie's Story - Bridge Ministry


In November, during the pandemic of Covid-19, I was having a particularly difficult time with my health challenges (multiple sclerosis and its’ related issues) and my dear friend, Pam Lardie, who works with Tony at Love Thy Neighbor, was able to get me set up with some wonderful benefits from such a generous group of folks!


With all of the ways that they blessed my family, I am just incredibly grateful. Pam made some needed changes to my bathroom to make it more safe for me to get around, especially in such limited space. Tony, at Love Thy Neighbor, was able to get me a gift card to help with some Christmas shopping for my three children.

To Tony, Pam and everyone at Love Thy Neighbor I would just like to say thank you for everything! God has truly used you to bless me and my family during this very trying time. May He in turn also bless each of you through out this precious season!


Sally’s Story - Bridge Ministry

The Covid-19 hitting earlier this year was just the beginning of misfortune for Sally as her husband left her and her 3 girls shortly after the pandemic hit.  She was overwhelmed with her job at the hospital, the mounting bills, and taking care of her girls all by herself.  Her church referred her to Love Thy Neighbor and we immediately took her under our wing as the newest member of our family. 


She has faithfully met with Tony, our C.O.O., who has been able to help her through our various Bridge Ministries such as our Transportation, Hygiene, and Connections Emergency Fund.  And as Christmas is only a few months away, we have enrolled Sally in our Adopt a Family Christmas Program, which will relieve the stress of providing presents for her girls on Christmas morning.  As a participant in our Change Program, we will continue to give Sally guidance, support, prayer, and the never-ending love of Jesus!


Janes Story - Crib Ministry

Jane came to Love Thy Neighbor 2 years ago seeking guidance after completing an addiction recovery program.  She came alongside us in our Change Program and was also able to use Bridge Ministry programs such as our Hygiene Pantry and Transportation Ministry.  She encountered a few bumps along the way, but as she was now part of our family, we were able to steer her in the right direction with the help of an amazing volunteer from one of our Partner Churches.  Jane has recently graduated from a long-term recovery program and is now employed at the same program, helping others as she had been helped.  Love Thy Neighbor has been with her on this journey, encouraging and helping her out with support and prayer.  During a recent visit with Jane, we were able to help her get her driver’s license, bringing a big smile to her face as this enables her to do her job better.  Showing the love of Jesus helps us bring awesome people like Jane into our Love Thy Neighbor family!


Judy's Story - Durable Medical Loan Closet


Dear Tony and Brenda, 

I want you to know how very much I appreciate your giving hearts. I was in need of a scooter for many weeks following foot surgery.  We checked at various locations and rented one for a substantial fee. When the lease ended, we dreaded paying again…plus not knowing how long this would continue.  Then we heard through Brenda that you loan them at No Charge!  (Yes, I tell everyone about you!)


To us, the most endearing quality of Love Thy Neighbor was how genuinely loving and trusting you have all been.  We were told to return the scooter when it was no longer needed.  What a sense of peace with no worries!  This truly is how you Love Thy Neighbor!  May God bless your work as you have blessed us.

Kimberly’s Story - Crib Ministry

Back in 2011, I moved back to Traverse City from Maui, Hawaii. I was single and pregnant and newly sober from years of alcohol use disorder. I moved in with my parents. My dad was struggling with kidney disease and was doing dialysis, awaiting a transplant. My life was chaos with all of the changes, but with all of the changes, came blessed miracles. I met with the Single MOMM program in Traverse City and they introduced me to Love Inc., where I would get the blessing of a free crib for my soon to be newborn! They dropped off a brand new crib, still in the box, and offered to put it together for me. Along with the crib came a layette set for the baby too. They were more than generous and kind and I was happy to donate the crib back to another family in need at Single MOMM once my son Ryder wasn’t in need of it anymore.

Fast forward to 2020. I am now in a different position in life. I am now a Peer Recovery Coach at Munson Medical Center and I help people who suffer from addiction or substance use disorder (SUD). Part of my job is to help moms who have Substance Use Disorder find resources to have a healthier, happier life. Along with resources for SUD, I also help pregnant, or new moms find resources for things they might need to help the baby, whether it may be food, clothing, insurance, and cribs. Remembering my experience from 2011, I googled Love Inc. and found Love Thy Neighbor. It was the same people who donated my crib, just with a different name. I got a hold of Tony and he explained that they still have the crib ministry as well as classes for families in need also. I was elated to find out that the same organization that gave me my crib 9 years ago was still working miracles to this day and that I could refer women to them that were in need and they could get blessed like I was. I am excited to work with this amazing group and help women find the resources they need to succeed in a healthier, happier, life.

Thank you Love Thy Neighbor!



Nicholas' Story - Bridge Ministry

His mother wrote "My youngest son is 8 years old. Through Christ's miracle, he was born despite a 10% chance of survival. He had a cystic hygroma in utero and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He has severe cognitive delays but is a little boy who strives to have fun like other children. Nicholas has severe hypotonia due to Down Syndrome. He can't walk far, he is still trying to learn to jump and we wanted for him to have a bike so he could be like the other kids. However, his bike would need to be a three-wheeled special needs bike.

We have Children's Special Healthcare to help offset some of the costs that our insurance doesn't cover. However, to get this bike you must ask at least 3 agencies to help cover the cost. Love thy neighbor stepped up, and because of them our son now can ride a bike like other children, get exercise and work on his core strength. Thank you Love Thy Neighbor!"

Pam's Story -


The scope of help that Love Thy Neighbor provides to help community members through challenging times in their lives is above and beyond others. Giving a hand up and not a hand out is the driving principle that this organization stands for in helping people make real changes to their lives. Kudos to LTN.


Nancy P’s Story -

Love Thy Neighbor is truly a gem in our community!! It helps so many people, from free classes to cribs to durable medical equipment. Our director, Tony Nelson is a wealth of information. If you have a need call 231-941-5683.

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