Due to Social Distancing requirements, our classes have been canceled until further notice. We hope to be able to offer them again this fall. Until then, our instructors have been busy putting together a few helpful tips to help you through this trying and stressful time. We hope this brings you comfort and peace as you navigate with us through these uncharted waters.


Click on a link to view class. - New material will be added bi-weekly. 


  Tips for Turning Stress and Anxiety into PeaceWhen things keep changing and feel out of control, it is normal to feel afraid or stressed, but there IS hope and ways to turn stress into peace! 


  Homeschooling Tips - There is never a power struggle with a child with a positive adult close by. Create a win/win situation to take the anger and hassle out of a charged encounter.


  Winning The Grocery Store Game - Everything you need to know about making every dollar count.  


  Expense Tracker - Use this form to track your monthly expenses. Budget Basics Class coming this fall!


If you have questions or comments regarding these materials, our Connections Counselor Pam Lardie - paml@lovethyneighborgt.org is available to help.  For general questions about our services, please contact Tony Nelson, Chief Operating Officer at tonyn@lovethyneighborgt.org

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our office is closed to the public.

We will be answering phones from 10 am to 12 pm.

Thank you for your patience.

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